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15+ Subaru WRX/STI
Sequential C-Bars

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So what is it?

Most will compare this product to standard switchback LED boards currently available and that simply is NOT the case. Apples and oranges to say the least. Simple one-off VIP Style LED setups start at over a grand for the basics and can easily work into the $3K+ range. This kit gives you the supplies necessary to make it happen yourself for just a small fraction of the cost needed before! If you want switchback boards for a more budget-friendly cost, you are best off shopping elsewhere. This is for those that want a killer lighting setup without the crazy, one-off price tag. After all, we believe lights are so much cooler when they move!

Form Meets Function

Keep the factory look of your head lights but with so much more functionality! Our LED boards complete the C-bar shape and give your ride a premium look. With the running light animations, sequential turn signals, and a looping show mode, your WRX is sure to stand out from all those others running their standard switchback LED boards.

Key features include:

  • Proprietary board design
  • Sequential turn signals with 1 tap, 3 signal feature
  • Parking/running lights on/off animation
  • Auto-dim feature
  • Looping show mode with optional key fob remote
  • Limited Warranty: One year warranty against manufacturing defects 


The Deets

Our WRX boards utilize a combined 168 dual color LEDs separated into 28 channels to create the unique animations you see here. Installation is mostly plug and play with a few T-tap connectors. If you've installed a set of C-lights before, you can install these! Check out our list of authorized installers if you do not feel comfortable installing the product yourself.

  • Total of 168 dual color leds
  • 5.4W/side (max)
  • 14 channels/side (switched ground)
  • Plug and Play Wiring
  • No Cutting required


Note- If you do not purchase the optional key fob remote, you can simply wire the show mode signal to a switch.


What's Included?

  • LH and RH LED Boards with wiring
  • Sequencer with wiring
  • T-Tap connectors for input signal
  • Installation Instructions
  • Key Fob Remote for Show Mode *optional