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15+ Subaru WRX/STI
Reverse Light Panels

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So what is it?

You've upgraded to our Sequential Tail Light C-bars and want to complete the LED look? This is the product for you! These LED boards drop right into the factory turn signal/reverse slot fully converting your tails to LED. We've got two options available; static and animated. Static is just that. Wire it up to your reverse lights and the panel will illuminate when your car is put into reverse. Simple! But for those wanting a little more, we offer a split channel version with an additional sequencer allowing the reverse panels to dance along with your Sequential C-Bars when you hit that show mode button. Why? Because lights are so much cooler when they move!

Form Meets Function

Give your ride that premium LED look and with killer functionality too! Disclaimer- these things are BRIGHT and shifting into reverse may cause displeasure/temporary blindness to those around. These are exactly what you've been looking for after that local tint shop put 7 layers of 5% film on your rear glass.

Key features include:

  • Proprietary board design
  • Unique shape for easy install
  • Optional animated show mode
  • Limited Warranty: One year warranty against manufacturing defects 


The Deets

Our WRX reverse panels utilize a combined 144 LEDs separated into 14 channels to create the unique animations you see here (animated version, of course!). Installation is mostly plug and play with a few T-tap connectors and minor wiring but don't be fooled; cutting is required!  The 15+ WRX/STI tails must be cut open. We always recommend professional installation. Check out our list of authorized installers if you do not feel comfortable installing the product yourself.

  • Total of 144 LEDs
  • 520mA draw/side
  • 7 channels/side (switched ground)
  • Mostly Plug and Play Wiring
  • Cutting required


What's Included?

  • LH and RH LED Boards with wiring
  • Sequencer with wiring (optional)
  • T-Tap connectors for input signal
  • Installation Instructions