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15+ Subaru WRX/STI
Sequential C-Bars

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So what is it?

Answering those requests from our authorized installers, these are the boards found in our 15+ Sequential C-bar Kits but for those DIY-ers. These are LED boards ONLY. Sequencers are required to control the LEDs. Each side has 14 separate channels are are compatible with switched ground sequencers. If soldering, lots of wiring, and providing your own sequencers isn't your thing, check out the completed kits we have available!


Key features include:

  • Proprietary board design
  • 14 Channels/side (switched ground)
  • Limited Warranty: One year warranty against manufacturing defects 


The Deets

Our WRX boards utilize a combined 168 dual color LEDs separated into 28 channels to create the unique animations you see here. This listing is for the LED boards only! Sequencers are needed for operation. Check out our list of authorized installers if you do not feel comfortable installing the product yourself.


What's Included?

  • LH and RH LED Boards
  • No Instructions Included